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Join the Board of Directors

Call for applications

Fierté Montréal seeks individuals interested in joining its Board of Directors.

In Fall 2023, a maximum of four individuals will join the Board of Directors as Resource Members*. Resource Members are one of the four categories of members of the corporation.

Any individual who adheres to Fierté Montréal's mission, is representative of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, possesses sought-after profesionnal competencies, commits to follow the corporation's bylaws and resides in Quebec or Canada is invited to submit their application.

* This call for applications for Resource Members is ran concurrently with a Call for Community Members. Following the end of the latter, from late August to mid September, Community Members may decide to apply for a seat at the Board of Directors. In both cases, it is expected that vacant Board seats will be progressively filled at general meetings held in October and December 2023.

What we are looking for

With the ambition of recruiting individuals who will contribute to the attainment of Fierté Montréal's mission and the fulfilment of its vision, the organization is casting a wide net. The goal is to recruit Board Directors who possess competencies, skills and lived experiences necessary to assure the sound, transparent and inclusive governance of Fierté Montréal.

To clarify its needs in terms of recruitment, the Board of Directors recently updated its competency matrix and community representation indicators. Since more than half of Board Directors will be renewed over the coming months, all sought-after attributes are presented below. An intersectional lens will be used in analyzing applications. 

  • Representativity
    • People from the  2SLGBTQIA+ communities
    • Indigenous people
    • Racialized people
    • People from all generations
  • Competence and expertise
    • Accounting, finance, audit
    • Management
    • Major event and festival management
    • Communications, marketing, public relations
    • Goverment relations
    • Law
    • Equity, diversity, inclusion
    • IT, cybersecurity
    • Non-profit governance
  • Sought-after profiles
    • Arts and culture sector
    • Non-profit management and governance
    • Business entrepreneur
    • Research and innovation
    • Interest in chairing the board or board committees

Beyond seats at the Board of Directots, this call for applications may prompt the recruitment of new external members on Board committees.

Nomination Process

  • The Board of Directors informs the Nomination Committee of its needs , such as number of vacancies and sought-after competencies and expertise.
  • The Nomination Committee reviews applications received through the current call and may, if deemed pertinent, meet candidates.
  • The Nomination Committee presents to the Board a report detailing its activities and results.
  • If satisfied by the report, the Board of Directors grants the status of Resource Member to the recommended individuals, whom can then be a candidates for seats on the Board. 
  • If the number of candidates is equal to the number of vacancies to fill on the Board, candidates are elected by acclamation.
  • A Resource Member loses their status if not elected or  when they leave the Board of Directors. 
  • The Nomination Committee is formed of two external members, Agnès Maltais and Artur Wilczynski, and two Board Directors, David Carpentier and Naoufel Testaouni.

How to submit an application

The Call for Applications concluded on August 16, 2023. Applications received are currently being reviewed by the Nomination Committee.

Board Directors' commitment

  • Board Directors are appointed for a two-year mandate which may be renewed twice for up to six years.
  • They have to attend, diligently prepared, a minimum of four Board meetings per year and the annual general meeting. Special meetings may be called from time to time. 
  • Board Directors must sit on at least one of the statutory committees established by the Board. Fierté Montréal currently counts four such committees (ethics and governance; audit and finance; human resources; nomination). Ad hoc committees may be struck from time to time. Each committee meets from twice up to four times per year. Committee assignments are based on expertise, interest and the ability of each person to contribute to committee work. 
  • Board Directors commit to following the Bylaws and the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Board Directors.
  • Continuing governance training is offered to Board Directors.
  • Board of Directors are not remunerated.
  • Board Directors are invited to participate in as many as possible events during the Fierté Montréal Festival, as well as other cultural, community and networking initiatives organized by Fierté Montréal or its partners throughout the year.

* Board meetings are held in, and board documents are prepared in French.

Mission, vision, values, strategic plan

In Spring 2023, Fierté Montréal's Board of Directors adopted new mission and vision statements, organizational values, as well as a triennal strategic plan. The Board supports the Executive Director whom assures the development and execution of the strategic plan.

  • Mission

    Fierté Montréal amplifies the voices of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities to assure their representation, their inclusion and the recognition of their rights in society.

    Catalysts for social change, our Festival, our community initiatives, as well as our artistic and cultural projects celebrate the creativity and resilience of our communities.

    Mindful of and in collaboration with 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, we call attention to their fights and realities in the wider public and the institutions.

  • Vision

    By 2025...

    We will be recognized for our contribution to the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.

    We will have built lasting bridges with the communities and will have adapted our actions and approaches to better support their demands and aspirations.

    To affirm our presence and extend our reach, we will have deployed year-round programming and content rooted in the arts, culture and community action.

  • Values
    • Equity
    • Integrity
    • Commitment
    • Sustainability
    • Celebration
  • 2025 Strategic Goals
    1. Define and consolidate a value proposition that is rolled out during the Festival and beyond, that generates positive outcomes for the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.
    2. Established a well-defined communication strategy to optimize the reach and benefits for 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.
    3. Develop a network of strategic partners that fosters a concrete and sustainable anchoring in the ecosystem.

In order to attain its goals and fulfil its vision, Fierté Montréal has identified experts who will pursue work that is already started. The various tasks will dovetail into the organizational management overhaul initiated two years ago by the Executive Director.

Resource people

Should you need further information, please contact :