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Blxck Cxsper


Blxck Cxsper is a lifelong musician and storyteller, driven by their love of Hip Hop culture and the dream of a better future for Black Trans communities.

Indie innovation is the non binary creative’s signature; they founded the label Trans Trenderz and created the free beats project Ghostly Beats. Collaborative spirit, entrepreneurial savvy, and DIY grit make them not just a smart artist, but an up-and-coming leader reshaping the industry to be more inclusive, accessible, and authentic. And people are taking notice. In 2021, Blxck Cxsper was named amongst the top 100 most influential music executives in Billboard's Change Agents list and selected as one of CBC's Black Changemakers.

Cxsper's stage name is taken out of a multi-media universe they created. A rich, metaphor-riddled superhero tale set in an alternate world, which Cxsper uses to explore how established systems and social pressures can push even the brave to darkness.

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