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Fierté Montréal’s demands for 2022 are based on the extensive consultative work conducted from 2020 to 2022 by the Conseil québécois LGBT along with its member organizations. A common members’ demands plan was developed and adopted in March 2022. 

The Conseil québécois LGBT is considered a reference in Québec on the rights of LGBTQ+ people. As part of its mission, it advocates for the rights of local LGBTQ+ people, and that we can all enjoy our rights to full self-determination.

Fierté Montréal is a member of the Conseil québécois LGBT.

The demands in detail

  • Adequate funding and spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ organizations

    That public authorities increase their financial assistance to 2SLGBTQIA+ nonprofits through the various programs available, so that they can achieve their baseline reference budget as provided for in their funding framework or create new ones.

    (CQ-LGBT, demand 1.2.1)

  • The public recognition of systemic racism and a commitment to combat all forms of discrimination

    Systemic racism exists in Quebec. However, despite numerous reports and events that attest to its presence, the government still refuses to acknowledge it and to address this injustice. The time has come to act, to unite and to educate ourselves so that no one can any longer deny the presence of this issue in Quebec.

    (Amnesty International, Francophone Canada)

  • Free gender affirmation surgery and care

    That the RAMQ also covers overall care and medication related to gender transition and affirmation.

    (CQ-LGBT, demands 8.1.9)

  • Prohibition of surgeries without consent on intersex people

    That governments prohibit genitalia-related surgeries without consent on intersex children and adults.

    (CQ-LGBT, Demand 3.2.7)

  • Funding for positive, empowering and inclusive sexuality education

    That governments fund positive, emancipatory and inclusive sexuality education programs, as well as violence prevention programs that take into account 2SLGBTQIA+ realities. That these programs be offered in all schools and be based on the expertise of community groups.

    (CQ-LGBT, demand 4.2.34)

  • Breaking the isolation and promoting the well-being of 2SLGBTQIA+ seniors

    That the Quebec government implements and funds programs for the accompaniment and support programs of 2SLGBTQIA+ seniors to reduce their isolation in society and that it considers the non-acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity in CHSLDs and RPAs as psychological and organizational abuse.

    (CQ-LGBT, demands 8.3.1; 8.3.2)

  • Free HIV/AIDS related care

    That governments ensure that all care and treatment services related to HIV/AIDS (PrEP, PPE, bi and tritherapy) are free for everyone who needs them.

    (CQ-LGBT, demand 8.1.11; update Fierté Montréal 2024)

  • Decriminalization of HIV non-disclosure

    That the Government of Canada decriminalizes the non-disclosure of HIV status when a person’s viral load is suppressed, as defined by the World Health Organization. In general, that the government uses public health measures and not criminal law to manage the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    (CQ-LGBT, Demand 8.1.14; update Fierté Montréal 2024)

  • Decriminalization of Drug Use

    That the Government of Canada decriminalizes the use of drugs and funds community organizations whose approach follows the harm reduction principles.

    (CQ-LGBT, Demand 8.1.21)

  • Decriminalization of sex work

    That the Government of Canada decriminalizes the framework for sex work.

    (CQ-LGBT, Demand 3.3.1)

  • Struggles of Indigenous peoples

    Solidarity with the struggles of the Indigenous Peoples and recognition of our role in past and present injustices against the Indigenous people.

    We want to express our solidarity with struggles of the Indigenous Peoples and the struggle for climate justice. However, we do not have the expertise and legitimacy to speak to these struggles and name each of the relevant demands. As predominantly non-Indigenous-led organizations, we recognize that we are part of a system that is complicit in the violence against the Indigenous communities and we are aware of our colonial position. Nevertheless, we remain in solidarity and are working to become better allies in order to better serve Two-Spirit people.

    We invite municipalities, as well as the governments of Québec and Canada, to engage in a process of decolonization under the leadership of Indigenous persons and communities and in accordance with their demands and priorities.

    (CQ-LGBT, demand 3.1)