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A well-known figure in Montréal's nightlife, Diskommander has made his mark on the scene with his inexhaustible energy, his elaborate musical selection and his inimitable attitude. Now established since many years, he continues to contribute to the development of his community with the various events he organizes as well as by collaborating with high profile LGBTQ events.

Diskommander’s strength lies within his musical richness. Being familiar with a large array of musical genres, he is able to elaborate a performance tailored to the audience of each event. Instead of taking refuge in the same musical style, he strives to always push the limits of his craft, tailoring a set for each event, taking into consideration the type of audience, the time of his performance, the type of energy required and the artistic direction chosen by the organizers. Thanks to his imposing, explosive personality and deep understanding of his audience, Diskommander knows how to win the hearts of his listeners.

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Diskommander's events for the 2024 edition