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Gay Jesus


THE ONE AND HOLY GAY JESUS is an internationally recognized drag king serving up a mouth-watering communion of Latinx wine and non-binary bread. Born of virgin-ish loins and baptized in sex-appeal, he’s best known for his multidisciplinary protest pieces decked out in draglesque. Gay Jesus is featured on Season 1 of CBC Arts’ docu-series Canada’s a Drag and, in 2019, received one of his biggest honours to date - a nomination for LGBTQ Person of the Year from the Inspire Awards. Gay Jesus flew out to Winnipeg in 2022 where he headlined a sold-out show for the Cluster Festival and was also a featured performer for Canada Pride hosted in Treaty 1 Territory.
You can follow the sultry saviour’s many shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter at @theirholiness.

Past events