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hadaxxah (hah•dah•sah) is a multidisciplinary artist, songwriter, producer, and DJ driven by a passion for music. Her career started by performing in venues all over Montreal, her hometown. hadaxxah also showcase her artistry in the USA and Mexico. In her studio, she explores the full spectrum of frequencies, pushing the boundaries of traditional music to create a truly unique auditory experience for her listeners
hadaxxah's innovative approach to songwriting, production, and DJ'ing has garnered a dedicated following, who appreciate her commitment to authenticity and creativity.

hadaxxah's music is a perfect blend of electronic, tribal, ambient, and experimental, designed to immerse her listeners into an otherworldly energy while being guided by her ancestors. Her live sets are an immersive experience, taking the audience on a journey through sound, light, and vibration. Whether you're looking for a cathartic release or a calming escape, hadaxxah's music is sure to transport you to a new dimension.

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