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Lost Heroes


Christian Pronovost, widely recognized as Lost Heroes, is an iconic figure within the dynamic Montreal nightlife and electronic music scene. With his versatile expertise spanning music production, artistic direction, and music supervision, he has established himself as a legendary DJ and revered presence in the industry.

Inspired by his late mentor Robert Ouimet, Christian is renowned for his adventurous music, daring exploration and manipulation of sound, and innovative programming techniques. He constantly pushes the boundaries of new auditory experiences with a distinct energy and recognizable sound signature!

With over 40 years of career, Christian has collaborated with an impressive list of industry icons, sharing stages with the absolute elite of the electronic music scene.

In addition to his involvement in various other projects and the Lost Heroes artistic endeavours, Christian humbly serves as the creative force behind Mundo Disko which celebrates the rich musical heritage of the Queer underground movements.

Past events