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Manalou is a DJ of Algerian descent who loves to share her passion for music through her shows. Her style is very versatile, as she blends different genres of music together. Music has always been a passion of hers from a very young age; she started with singing, dancing, and playing the piano.

One of her main visions and goals is to make North African and Algerian sounds go global with her unique style as a contribution. She would describe her sets as a journey that takes you from one country or sound to another. Blending these genres together is what she loves to do the most! Manalou always infuses her shows with high energy, adding an electrifying atmosphere to her sets that captivates her audience and keeps them dancing all night long. Her dynamic stage presence and infectious enthusiasm create an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. Each performance serves as a nostalgic journey through her travels since childhood, with every beat and rhythm recalling the diverse cultures and musical influences she has encountered along the way.

Manalou's events for the 2024 edition