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Marilyne Leonard


Marilyne Léonard is an artist with an uncanny style blending sung vocals and rap to tell captivating personal stories. Her indie-pop-inflected music focuses on carefully crafted melodies. Her first radio hit, "Bateaux au milieu", launched in spring 2021, was followed by the hits "Honey" and "Dans la foule". Through her mixtape "Vie d'ange" (May 2022), she revealed herself as co-producer, guitarist, keyboardist and programmer. In 2022, she collaborated with Jay Scott on the Qualité Motel conceptual EP and featured on "Cardin" by Clay and Friends, supporting them on tour. After lighting up Québec stages, she made her Paris debut opening for -M- in the Zeniths. She recently unveiled "C'est ma lady" and "Gants blancs", teasers from her next album, due in spring 2024.

Marilyne Leonard's events for the 2024 edition