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Maxime Ève Gagnon


Maxime Ève Gagnon is an up-and-coming comedian who has participated in many comedy nights throughout Québec as well as festivals and podcasts. The pandemic allowed her to perfect her writing, which is equal parts funny, moving and thought-provoking. Maxime discusses topics like her transition as a trans woman, the daily life of a trans person, which can be rich in funny moments, her origins, and a little bit of everything.

In the past few years, she participated in the Frank Grenier workshops and in night classes at l’École nationale de l’humour. Ever since comedy nights have been back, Maxime Ève has travelled all around Québec to make herself known and to participate in numerous events such as the Grand Montréal Comique and the Womansplaining Show. She performed at festivals like the Zoofest, the Minifest and the Humourfest. Maxime Ève was one of the finalists in Le Tremplin Festival 2022 in Dégelis.

Past events