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Miss Dupré Latour


Miss Dupré Latour is a trans woman born in West Africa who became an activist for BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities after her coming out to fight against all forms of discrimination.
She chose the world of drag to express her voice, her pride, her fight and her roots.

Miss Dupré Latour is also known for her political involvement; she uses her platform to raise awareness on important issues such as transphobia, homophobia and to promote women’s liberation, Black rights and social justice.

Miss Dupré Latour has a grand presence on stage and is able to captivate her audience when she performs, thanks to her contagious energy and magnetic aura, which never fail to draw attention.

She launched her brand DupréLatour Cosmetics, products and services which promote inclusion and diversity. “Beauty for all, with no exception!”


Past events