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Mitsou Gélinas is a multi-talented artist who won her audiences’ hearts as a child star on Québec TV. With eight albums to her credit, including the famous "Bye Bye Mon Cowboy", she has become a musical icon whose success has proven unrelenting, now 30 years on. When not singing, she defined Montréal radio for 21 years, hosting a string of top-rated programs.

Beyond her artistic talents, Mitsou has excelled as a writer and entrepreneur. She led the magazine Clin d'œil and founded Mitsou Magazine, a thriving media platform running for over twenty years. Involved in business, she is co-owner of the Dazmo/Grandé Studios Group and Ray-on, two companies playing a major role in the field of film and music production.

Mitsou's events for the 2024 edition