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Myst Milano


Tour de force rapper, DJ, producer and visual/conceptual artist Myst Milano can't be stopped. Myst has played shows with Lizzo, Thundercat, Chino Amobi, Ashanti and Ja Rule, LSDXOXO, and many more, amassing nearly 200 shows to date since the beginning of their career in 2016. Recognized locally not only for their performance prowess but also for digital activism with online party platform Club Quarantine in Summer 2020, Myst is as versatile as they are steadfast and unwavering, in both their beliefs and their creative output. Production-wise, Myst tends to veer towards the primitive and steady, however changeable and vast their beat catalogue may be; as far as writing goes, Myst effortlessly bounces from the playful and giddy, to the hopeful and serene, to the deep and dangerous and back again, never skipping a beat. The only guarantee with Myst Milano's music is this: you'll never know what to expect.

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