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Narcisse started his bold electro-pop adventure in the City of Québec in the spring of 2019 when he launched his first eponymous EP. Rocked by a fair number of events, he managed to stand out when he won second place in the 24th edition of the Francouvertes. Highly influenced by French musical projects (such as Flavien Berger or Vendredi sur Mer), he occupies the stage with sensuality and theatricality. In an explosion of frenetic, colourful and danceable beats, Narcisse invites his audience into a collective trance. This project combines, on a single stage, many artists who work with music, performance, dance and visual arts. In his texts, Narcisse reinterprets Greek tragedies with a queer sensitivity. In his show, he destabilizes labels and social codes with nerve and authenticity. Narcisse welcomes you to a new kind of mass to celebrate self-love, understanding and diversity.

Past events