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Nina Segalowitz & Sierra Segalowitz-Clabaux


This mother and daughter duo are sure to lull you into an auditory journey of sounds through throat singing performances, a moment “of great pride and a powerful symbol of Inuit identity”. Throat singing is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation, has survived despite government banning, and is alive and well today throughout Nunavik.

Nina is an Inuvialuit throat singer, hand drummer and spoken word artist. Nina began to learn the art of throat singing as a student at Concordia University and has performed for over 28 years in many countries and with others, like Ariane Moffatt and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. For Nina, throat singing goes beyond enjoyment: sharing the true history of Inuit and First Nations Peoples, and a personal way to heal from past traumas.

Sierra Segalowitz-Clabaux is Nina’s daughter, a musical artist and throat singer. For years, she has joined her mother and other performers, sharing her gift with various audiences.

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