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Nox Falls


Nox Falls is a "gothicc" international performing artist that calls the Pacific Northwest home, amassing multiple awards within their career ranging from "Best Costume", "Most Fierce" and "Queen".
Using burlesque and SLAMlesque as a primary medium, they have established themselves as a "slow- burning doomwitch" with a niche for nasty, earning recognitions from 21st Century Burlesque, documentaries, magazines, the opportunities to headline multiple festivals, Viva Las Vegas and compete in The Burlesque Hall of Fame twice including The Queen category.
In addition to their accolades, they are the founder/co-producer of Dark Diamonds Burlesque - an all POC collective, and creative director of Emerald City Comic-Con Burlesque.

This "Naughty Body of Burlesque" will do anything for you - in the dark

Past events