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Océane Aqua-Black


Here comes, the Caramilk Queen. A queen of 20 years plus, This Queen is the total package: she is always ready to party and serve curve, juice, class, ass and insanity all at the same time. Because she has no inhibitions and no filter, you’ll gag at everything she has to offer or to say. Dance, comedy, glamour, and some unexpected surprises, will leave completely transformed after you see this queen perform .Known to be the Queen of Electronic Music and to give high energy performance through her dance ability and crazy energy. She will give you tonight a taste of her talent and will make you dive in her world head first and ass in the Air. Bing Bang Bong she is not here to clown around. She is here to conquer the world. Please welcome to the stage from Canada's Drag Race Season 2, the chocolate dip that is Oceane Aqua Black!

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