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Tommy Hart


Tommy Hart’s fresh take on swinging house rhythms combined with pulsating club tracks make him one of the most exciting faces in a new generation of selectors, and his infectious energy sets him apart from the rest. He holds a monthly residency at Mexico City’s largest LGBTQ+ institution, [sic] club, and is featured on lineups for parties across the United States, Mexico, and Europe. Coming of age in Brooklyn, he is heavily influenced by the history of New York house and the burgeoning underground scene in Mexico.

His musical style oscillates between deep and thumping underground cuts to juicy and vibrant big room tracks, specializing in long, ecstatic blends. Since beginning his career, he’s straddled the worlds of fashion and design, and pulsing raves and megaclubs with ease, and in 2023, he was selected to open Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour in his hometown of Dallas, TX. He loves to discover new music while digging through record labels and catalogues, and relishes the challenge of hand-picking the perfect tracks for every occasion

Tommy Hart's events for the 2024 edition