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Raymond Pilon, known as Zïlon, was born on July 25, 1956, in Laval. This self-taught prodigy revolutionized the Quebecois and international art scene before tragically leaving us on July 25, 2023. Sublimating the pain of a childhood marked by familial struggles, Zïlon found a crucial refuge in art. As a musician oscillating between punk and electro, he became a central figure in Montreal's underground movement in the 70s-80s, and a pioneer of street art, signing his iconic "Z" on murals all over Montreal.

Zïlon's multidimensionality shone through his work. The faces he painted were intense, expressive odes to emotion, revealing the soul of a man torn by internal conflict. An indomitable visionary, he collaborated with notable figures in fashion and design in Canada and Europe. Until his last days, he was preparing projects, testifying to his tireless creative energy.

Zïlon leaves behind a monumental artistic legacy and an indelible influence on global culture. Despite his personal demons, his desire to redefine art makes him unforgettable. He will be missed by everyone who had the chance to cross his path. The word that encapsulates him is etched like a tattoo: "punk".

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