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40 ans : Fugues se souvient

Historical journey through 40 years of LGBTQ+ events and personalities

Last April, FUGUES became the first French-speaking LGBTQ+ media in the world to pass 40 years of existence. As part of this anniversary, FUGUES not only remembers, but invites us to revisit the history of the LGBTQ+ communities through a chronological journey from 1984 to today.

From the Buds’ police raid and the creation of the Guilford School, in 1984, to the demonstrations of the coalition Nous ne serons pas sages — We will not be wise —, in 2024, including the recognition of same-sex spouses, civil union , same-sex marriage, adoption and questions of same-sex parenting and change of civil status for transgender and non-binary people…

From the emergence of the Village as a same place — and a beacon LGBTQ+ visibility — to Montreal's position as an international pink mecca with its significant events such as the Outgames, DiversCité, Fierté Montréal and the notirous parties : the Black & Blue, Bal en Blanc, District, etc…

From queer activists and volunteers who started associations and community organizations offering support, services and awareness or exercising essential lobbying, to its LGTB+ merchants, entrepreneurs and business people.

A journey which demonstrates that Montreal and Quebec have experienced an entire revolution in sexual and gender diversity over the last 40 years.


17h00 to 23h00


Esplanade du Parc olympique Accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.




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