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The Kink WoofMTL | Weekend Pup Montréal

The Weekend Pup Montréal is a project supported by Fierté Montréal. WPM is a series of free events spread over three days which includes a competition leading to the award of the gender-neutral title of “Pup Montréal 2024” to a person who has stood out among the LGBTQ+ community and in the competition.

This WoofMTL partner event offers you a game evening in a safe dungeon. Several rooms are equipped for a wide variety of activities: socialization, puppy play on foam mats, ball pool, BDSM stations.

Please book in advance!


21h30 to 01h00


Studio Tension SENC

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.


French and English

This event is for folks aged 18 and more.