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Community, art performance

Cabaret Post Pistoles 2 | Aranéide

Cabaret Post Pistoles was born out of the union of three collectives working around queer eroticism and sexuality: the Post-plottes collective, the NU.E.S collective and Aranéide. It’s a space for experimentation, testing and newness around themes such as eroticism, sexuality and queer post-porn. It is an invitation to gather and celebrate our queerness and to live an edgy experience (meaning that the artist tries to move beyond their comfort zone and to push their own boundaries as well as the audience’s, while remaining within a zone of fun and consent).

The cabaret is exclusively for queer, LGBTQ+ and sex-positive communities (questioning people are also welcome).


19h00 to 00h00


La Forge à Bérubé

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.




To RSVP, click here.

It's free 👍 Tell your friends!

The Cabaret Post-Pistoles 2 is for folks aged 18 and more.