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Networking Evening with Our New Membership

Simon Gamache

Executive Director

Written on

On May 7, Fierté Montréal invited its new member organizations to a welcome cocktail at the MEM – Centre des mémoires montréalaises. More than an opportunity to network, this gathering, hosted by Barbada, marked the outcome of a profound overhaul of our governance. This transformation was born out of a desire to connect the diversity and abundance of organizations we interact with year-round – 2SLGBTQIA+ groups, the community sector, businesses, various associations, the arts and culture ecosystem, and many more. This unlikely group of organizations and individuals is what makes the fortune and strength of Fierté Montréal.

A profound transformation

As early as 2021, Fierté Montréal embarked on a profound transformation. No stone was left unturned. From festival programming to branding, from financial systems to festival operations, from internal management to board of directors composition. And, the cornerstone, new bylaws which would make possible the recruitment of a new membership that is representative of the diversity of organizations we work with.

A new membership

Exactly a year ago, when new bylaws were ratified, we gave ourselves the objective to energize our associative life. Non-profit community organization of the 2SLGBTQIA+ sector from Québec and Canada could request to become community members. Then, other non-profits, unions, student associations, employee affinity groups, and businesses from Québec and Canada, who had participated in the previous year’s Parade or Community Days, could request to become committed members or allied members. Finally, following a thorough nomination process, four individuals with competency profiles pertinent to board composition were recommended as resource members.

Moving forward, together

Today, Fierté Montréal’s membership regroups 99 organizations – way beyond what we had anticipated for year one. Working in close collaboration with our members, in their diversity and various perspectives and approaches, Fierté Montréal wishes to move the pride movement forward. Besides, right before the networking event, over thirty community members participated in a consultation to help us envision the future of Fierté Montréal. A warm thank you to all for their generous participation!

Thanks to Les Drags te font signe, the organization that ensured LSQ (Quebec Sign Language) interpretation during the community members consultation.