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DJ BlackGold (she/her) stands out as a multidisciplinary artist based in the lively city of Montréal/Tiohtià:ke, rooted in her rich Haitian heritage.

For over 15 years, she’s crafted an impressive career, establishing herself as a pillar within the house dance community. DJ BlackGold's journey has spanned across Canada, gracing the decks of renowned events such as Queen & Queer, Festival Massimadi, Festival Haiti en Folie, Gathurin’ uf Soulz, and Boogie Loft, where she shared the stage with the esteemed DJ Spen (Baltimore, MD).

From the grooves of funk to the infectious rhythms of disco and the pulsating beats of house music, DJ BlackGold creates a story with the versatility of her musical selection ensuring an electrifying experience where dancing is inevitable, good vibes are mandatory and baby powder, essential.

BlackGold's events for the 2024 edition