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Heidi Lawden


Heidi Lawden is a DJ, producer, and occasional vocalist known for her dynamic style and contributions to the dance music scene. Hosting the monthly 'Magic Roundabout' show on LA's, Heidi has been a staple in the industry since her beginnings in London's queer club scene in the '90s. Now based in LA, she regularly performs at top U.S. clubs, underground events, and festivals, including NYC's House of Yes and factory93. Her eclectic mix of House, Techno, and Disco sets her apart, earning respect from peers and fans alike. Heidi excels in lengthy sets, such as her recent 8-hour solo performance. A crossover DJ, she supports female, gender-fluid, and next-gen artists through her bookings and radio show. Preferring live experiences over recorded sets, Heidi also collaborates on global events with DJ Harvey and has a busy tour schedule for 2024, including international festivals and clubs.

Heidi Lawden's events for the 2024 edition