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Juno Desjardins


Juno (they/them) is a trans nonbinary intervention worker who offers accompaniment to individuals at the Centre de solidarité lesbienne with softness, patience and curiosity. After a year working as a private sexologist, they could no longer ignore the call from the community sector. Remembering the universal need for solidarity is crucial to them. While capitalist society asks us to act within a productivity framework, Juno reminds us to play like a child and to rest just as much. In the future, they hope to pursue their intervention journey in substance use and addictions and in somatic healing. Their hobbies include dancing in lesbian raves, painting and meditating in nature. Lastly, Juno imagines an inclusive future looking like a perpetual questioning of our vision of the world and the just presence of the voices of sexually and gender diverse people in the institutional, political and social spheres.

Past events