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Mundo Disko


After the resounding success of last summer, MUNDO DISKO, presented by Trojan, returns to Fierté Montréal, even more inclusive and unifying! This year, on the magnificent TD stage, MUNDO DISKO will be the highlight of Saturday, August 10, marking the climax of the Pride festivities. Get ready for a celebration of nightlife culture, exuberance, and legendary clubbing nights.

Disco, far more than a cliché, is a soundtrack rooted in the counterculture of the 60s, social movements, sexual revolutions, and LGBTQ+ demands. It’s a unique mix of global sounds, African American traditions, European experiments, and mesmerizing rhythms.

Mundo Disko once again offers you a marvelous reinvention, blending disciplines, influences, and sounds, transforming everything into an immense dance floor for Saturday night on the island of Montreal, guaranteed!

Mundo Disko's events for the 2024 edition