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Ouissem Belgacem


Ouissem Belgacem is a Franco-Tunisian soccer player, writer, and founder of OnTrack Sport, an initiative to support pro athletes with their post-career needs. One of a crew of rookies that commentators nicknamed the “golden generation” after training at the Toulouse Football Club, he rose through the ranks quickly, playing for Tunisia in the Coupe d’Afrique des Nations (CAN) soccer championship. Under severe pressure from systemic homophobia in pro soccer, he gave up his sporting dreams, but scored fame again in 2021 with his literary autobiography "Adieu ma honte" (“goodbye, [my] shame”), which won literary Memoir of the Year award at the 2021 Prix du roman gay. His book is part of a gameplan Belgacem hopes will win in the fight against homophobia in the soccer world. Since then, he’s made appearances at countless events and in the media all the while working on a documentary series based on his book, and recently launching his music career. He released his first single, "Je suis en paix", (“I am at peace”) in November 2023, which he'll perform at Fierté Montréal Festival’s ImmiX outdoor show.

We are proud to announce that Ouissem Belgacem, along with Sasha Colby, is one of Fierté Montréal Festival 2024 Grand Marshalls. The Grand Marshals are people who, thanks to their commitment, their talent, and their work, inspire and contribute to the improvement of the lives of 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals.

Ouissem Belgacem's events for the 2024 edition