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Pierre Kwenders


Born in Congo and established in Montréal, musician, singer-songwriter and DJ Pierre Kwenders is a natural storyteller. Motivated by the subtleties of love, his songs weave stories from memories of the past, sketches of his native town and reflections on the future. Singing and rapping in Lingala, French, English, Tshiluba and Kikongo, Kwenders braids his stories through the borders of language and geography.

Inspired by “sagacity,” a lifestyle invented by the Ivorian singer Douk Saga, which means working hard and then enjoying life, he came through like an architect of modern African music, creating a unique blend of electronic Afro-influenced sounds inspired by Congolese rumba. He cofounded Moonshine in 2014, a collective of multidisciplinary artists who celebrate the diversity of dance culture.

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