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Lesbian love: from Sappho to social media | Quebec Lesbian Archives

Since Sappho's Ode to a Beloved Woman, many love stories have been written and lived. In fact, these stories rarely have happy endings. It's only in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that we've seen the emergence of happier scenarios, even if terrible repression can still descend on the lives of lovers. Lesbian love will always transgress heteronormative codes. A general presentation will round off the day, evoking the pivotal moments that have marked the evolution of our love stories.

A panel of 4 panellists will follow this presentation. This panel will address the following issues: is the woman lover of the 70s and 80s the same as the lesbo-queer lover of 2024? How does one move from one socio-cultural context to another when experiencing criminalized love in their country of origin? In the age of artificial intelligence, how do social media and virtual trends influence women's love relationships?

Then it's time for the artists: poets, musicians, actresses and comedians will bring love and all its emotions to life!

And we'll be dancing with DJ Franklyne to round off this fabulous day, in the hope that many new flames will be lit or, who knows, rekindle...


13h30 to 19h00


Cité-des-Hospitalières en transition Accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.




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