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Find your colors and show them off! | Diversité 02

On May 17, we celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, an important moment in which we gather to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion. Diversité 02 is proud to invite you to its special event in the form of a 5 à 7 vernissage.

This event is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to equal and fair rights, justice and respect for diversity. Together, let's continue to build a world where everyone can live freely and authentically, without fear of judgment or discrimination.

As part of this evening, you'll have the opportunity to meet 3 queer visual artists from the local area, listen to live music from 2 DJs, and take part in the launch of Diversité 02's brand-new awareness-raising project. Together, we can create a world of respect and empathy. Join us and be part of the change.


16h30 to 19h30


Pavillon d'accueil du Parc de la Rivière du Moulin Accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.




It's free 👍 Tell your friends!