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Marla Deer


Marla Deer has been performing in shows in the very chic Cabaret Mado for nearly 20 years now and has been participating in Fierté Montréal Festival events since their very beginnings. She loves to make people laugh with her grande dame characters, a mix between Bea Arthur, Maggie Smith and the old lady in Babar the Elephant. Even though she is not the youngest, nor the prettiest, she remains, however, the funniest (well, I think I am the prettiest, but that’s just my opinion Ha! Ha!). She is also known for all the tricks she doesn’t do, the split … no! You will love her the way you love your grandma, granny, nana or abuela—plus, she always has mints in her bag.

Marla Deer's events for the 2024 edition

Past events