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Celebrating our Spirits

Celebrating Our Spirits is a day of presentations and discussions around Two-Spirit, Indigenous LGBTQ+ and Indigiqueer identities. Being indigenous, these people have to navigate through a world that imposes the gender binary in an environment contaminated by colonialism and Christian value systems which promote exclusion, violence and a life surrounded by homophobia and transphobia.

Tealey Ka'senni:saks Normandin, Scott Wabano, Annie Pullen Sansfaçon, Jo-Marie Einish & John Sylliboy, the guest speakers for this day, will talk about their personal experiences and the concrete needs of Indigenous communities. Their presence confirms Two-Spirit, Indigenous LGBTQ+ and Indigiqueer people’s resilience and the visible hope around a movement of revitalization of traditions that celebrate the divergence of spirits.

Celebrating Our Spirits is a collaboration between the Cercle Indigiqueer Circle, Quebec Native Women and Fierté Montréal.

FR/EN interpreters


08h30 to 16h30


Centre St-Pierre

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.




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