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The Bare Naked Truth of the Words | Literary Pride

Another eagerly-awaited Fierté Littéraire event, Bare Naked Truth… is inspired by the "naked boys reading" and "naked girl reading" movements in the English-speaking world, and is based on the principles of nudism, whereby authors disrobe completely or partially (underwear) to read poems or prose texts.

Nudity deconstructs social conventions, in particular the reductive rules of obsolete institutions and outdated beliefs. It's a form of protest, a sideye to the hypocrisy that fails to distinguish between nudity and sexuality. Besides, the body is not dirty or ugly, and consensual sexuality is good for your health, right? We don't have to hide it. Body fascism is awful. Body-positivity is beautiful, and nudity really quite liberating. Stripping naked in front of an audience plunges artists into a state of immediate vulnerability from which they can draw inspiration and creativity.

Entry by sliding scale, no proof of ID or ID card required $15 to $35. Online ticketing coming soon.


20h00 to 22h00


Théâtre La Comédie de Montréal Accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.




This event is for folks aged 18 and more.