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Community intervention resources

In collaboration with various community organizations, Fierté Montréal offers several intervention resources for the general public during its Festival.

Committed to offering a festival where health, safety and well-being are taken into account, Fierté Montréal offers several intervention resources for the general public during its Festival.

To prevent sexual harassment →

Order an Angelot is a protocol aiming to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence in bars and festive or social events. It allows anyone who fears for their safety to ask for help without having to justify themselves. If you're ever in trouble, feel free to order "an Angelot" from anyone wearing the "Order an Angelot" button on the main Festival site.

You'll be taken care of safely. Fierté Montréal is proud to be the first festival in Québec to get the accreditation "Order an Angelot" thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec and the support of the Collectif social, the organization behind this project.

Two Safer Spaces →

Several 2SLGBTQIA+ community organizations take part in putting in place two Safer Spaces available to festival-goers: the Youth Space (14-25 years old) and the QTBIPOC Space (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous & People of Color).

These are calm places, far from the crowds, where folks can go to decompress, gather, and benefit, if necessary, from active listening services offered by peer support workers with an anti-oppressive approach and from communities.

The Safer Spaces are accessible on the main site at the Olympic Park's Esplanade.

A safer place for Queer, Trans, Indigenous, Black and People of Color

Sensibilitation and Prevention

The community organization RÉZO is present on the main site to raise awareness and provide mental and sexual health prevention to festival-goers and offer safe sex material.

Sexual and mental health prevention

Harm Reduction

Fierté Montréal Festival collaborates will the GRIP on its main site.

The Psychosocial Research and Intervention Group (GRIP) provides a series of training sessions on the effects of substance overdoses for the security personnel working on the Olympic Park's Esplanade, so they can offer psychosocial support related to the use of alcohol or drugs.

The Group also distributes Naloxone kits and safe drinking materials, and offers substance analysis services during the festival.

An intervention workers group offering psychosocial support related to the use of substances

Never Without our Communities!

Learn more about our Community Programs. 

Community Programs




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