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Trans+Archive Exihibit : Our existence in Latin America trough the decades

The Trans+Archive is a grain of sand to reconstruct our history, composed of the visual memories of women who today are more than fifty years old. Preserving, celebrating, and sharing our stories and experiences allows us to continue to dignify our lives and recognize those who are no longer here. Rebuilding ourselves is a vital urgency, a way to create community and a way to denounce the violence we live on daily from some parts of society.

This archive links our revolutions, desires, duels and survivals, as well as announcing the possibilities of what is attainable for the living memories, for the right to a sustainable present and future.

Through our virtual exhibition, attendants can enjoy the full experience of what The Trans+Archive has to showcase. Many people may not have enough time to visit physical galleries or venue access might be limiting to certain people, which is why we decided to create an accesible and safe online gallery space. The change surely cannot replace a the real gallery experience and bring an end to gallery shows, but we are also hoping in the future to be able to bring this experience to physical locations where everyone around can come and enjoy the show case of many memories of the women who are involved in this project.


01h00 to 00h00


En ligne / Online

Accessible to people with reduced mobility.


French and English